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Macau Cardholder

Macau Cardholder

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In her watercolor depiction of an old Macau town, Celine Lam strives to encapsulate the nostalgia and leisurely allure of daily life. Through muted tones and subtle brushwork, she transports observers to a bygone era characterized by cobblestone streets and weathered architecture steeped in history. The interplay of light and shadow infuses the scene with a gentle, timeless radiance, encouraging viewers to delve into the intimate narratives of this charming enclave. More than a mere representation, Lam's artwork serves as a personal voyage into the soul of a community, where simplicity uncovers enduring beauty.

  • Carriart leather with original Macau print
  • Beige Microfiber Leather
  • W10cm x H8.5cm
  • Five card slots
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